Let us help you with all the technology you need to be seen and heard.


We consider what we do as much of a ministry as a business.  We consider it a privilege to help churches get the Word out, while remembering it is all done for an audience of One.  Over many years and many church installs we want to tell you what we think is the best way to be a good steward of God’s finances when it comes to audio, video, and lighting.

Many churches feel the best way is to buy the most inexpensive equipment out there.  They will spend more money on the carpet, windows, furniture etc than on the sound!  The problem with that is they are going to spend way more money replacing that gear over and over, not to mention the time trying to resolve all the issues systems like that can create, than if they had taken the time and resources to do it correctly. The same with buying used equipment, you may get a good deal but it’s electronic equipment, a warranty and service is very important!

The other problem we see is having volunteers do the install. Yes, its nice and looks good on paper to have “Free Help” but in the long run is it really free?  There is way more to designing an audio system than hanging a couple of speakers! The types of speakers, placement, room acoustics, worship style, and many other factors go into where to put everything, how the cabling should be run, where the rack will be placed, etc.  Unless you have actual audio engineering experience, doing your own install/ design you are going to have issues.

We encourage you to talk to us. What you want to do, and do right, may be more within your budget than you think.  

This is God’s house.  This is where people get to hear, and see, and experience the best you have to offer in worship.  Everything should be done with excellence. 


Like anything else, the more experience the designers, engineers, and installers have, the better the system will be.  Without trying to sound too boastful, God has blessed our team with some of the best people in the AVL industry.  We work with you to design a system that will fit not only your budget but your worship style, and always with future expansion in mind.  We do not consider our job done until you are happy with the results and your people are off on the right foot learning their new system.


We can usually match or beat any reputable online site out there on price.  We carry just about every AVL product line, and will be glad to advise you about the good, better, best options.  We prefer to support companies that have good warranties and stand behind their products.   But the real benefit to purchasing AVL equipment from us is if, and when, you have an issue with a piece of gear, (that we installed) we are going to come to you, take it for service or replacement, and re-install it.  If we have a loaner we can provide you with that too.  Service is important.   We understand the urgency of getting things up and running in a timely manner.  And we do that.